A downloadable game for Windows

Gameplay Instructions

Designed for 4 players on LAN. Gamepad recommended .
Use WASD to move. Hold E/A to dig and press E/A to pick up the item. Press R/X to attack.


20 years ago Dr. Sandy Bones made the headlines for the discovery of a long lost dinosaur species but little did the public know, that this discovery was stolen from the lesser-known archaeologist Dr. Diggington. Years later they meet again, but this time Dr. Diggington has a bone to pick and his team are determined to make the headlines with their next big dinosaur discovery.


Ferenc Nagy, Programmer: https://ferin.itch.io/

Ivan Bird, Designer and Programmer: https://ivanoski.itch.io/

Manuel Glock, 3D Artist: https://w1zardpot4to.itch.io/

Oliwia Malek, 3D Artist: https://treatee.itch.io/

Jenny Shen, Composer: https://jennyshenmusic.itch.io/

Listen to the OST on SoundCloud


ClassicJellyfish_ABoneToPick_1.1.zip 125 MB


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Really enjoyed this unique game. The music and art direction are  top-notch, and the premise of the game is an interesting concept. I hope you guys continue to develop it!